Best Obscure Ethnic Dish

Salt Baked Chicken at Hakkasan

Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

The term “Hakka” refers to the people who have migrated from the southeastern provinces of China, adopting their food culture wherever they landed. Hakka fare isn’t fancy, but rather homey and comforting, as befitting the food of a people who are thousands of miles from home. You may know some Hakka dishes from Cantonese restaurants, such as salt-baked chicken or stuffed tofu, but Hakkasan’s winning Hakka dish is its braised pork belly served in a clay pot. This normally rustic recipe has been upgraded with leeks, cloud ear mushrooms and fried garlic to better fit the restaurant’s style and sophistication. Coating the pork belly is a combination of oyster sauce and preserved red-bean curd seasoned with sugar, soy and five spices for a deep, earthy sauce. $21, in MGM Grand, 891-7888.

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