Best Ramen Restaurant


Photo by Anthony Mair

Photo by Anthony Mair

You now need more than two hands to count the ramen shops in Las Vegas on your fattened-up fingers, so it’s no wonder that a few of the establishments not in Chinatown or run by celebrity chefs are flying under the radar. The oddly named Fukumimi (or “lucky ear,” whatever that means) turns out terrific pork and chicken broth for its ramen noodles, but also features a brace of Japanese comfort dishes at prices that generally lowball the competition: tantan men, a richly flavored Szechuan-style spicy soup heavily spiked with sesame sauce and crowned with chopped pork meat; Japanese curry, a golden-colored sludge eaten on steamed rice; and soboro bowl, which includes rice, ground chicken and pickles traditionally consumed with a bamboo spoon. Who’d ever have guessed we would become a mecca for Japanese noodles to rival L.A., or even Osaka? 4860 S. Eastern Ave., 631-2933.

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