Best Restaurant Design

Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill

December 14, 2012. © Erik  Kabik/ erikkabik.comPubs are all the rage on the Strip, but none capture the quirky elegance of their origins like this one, designed by California-based EDG Interior Architecture + Design. At first glance, all the clichés are here, including a bar made of red telephone booths, gals swathed in tabloid-print Union Jack tube dresses and a wall of kegs stacked 11 high. But look deeper and uncover a cleverly layered dining, drinking and mingling space. A few highlights: The Atlas Bar has a bartop with drinking games; the Stripe Lounge—which runs through the pub’s center and offers more casual seating—sports slices of color that wrap from floor to wall and ceiling; and the Skyline Room shows just that and more with light-box images of the royal family. And if you’re left wondering about the story behind the graphically charged bulldog logo, that’s Ramsay’s very own best friend, Rumpole. No stonehenge left unturned here. In Caesars Palace, 877-346-4642.

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