Best Sommelier

Nick Hetzel

Photo by Jim K. Decker

Photo by Jim K. Decker

Nick Hetzel of Sage has the rather impressive distinction of being the only one of 70 candidates in this country to pass this year’s prestigious master sommelier exam, an honor he shares with one of our past winners in this category, Kevin Vogt of Delmonico. Hetzel—who worked at Rosemary’s back in the day, and who also opened Morels—took the job at Sage in 2010. He credits his success to being a good listener and trying to take customers to experiences they may never have had before. It’s also important to note he’s doubled the size of Sage’s wine list, adding goodies such as Chateau Musar Blanc 2001 from Lebanon ($87) and the Arnot Roberts North Coast Syrah 2010 ($79). Well done, Nick. In Aria, (877) 230-2742.

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