Parsing the SNWA’s Rate Hike


On September 26, the Southern Nevada Water Authority board approved an increase in the rates it charges residential customers. There was little objection; who, after all, could take issue with a case painstakingly made by a citizen committee that spent a year hashing out the details? They minimized the blow … at least for now. Here’s how the increase—which now goes to the various municipalities for approval in November—breaks down.

1. The hike won’t hit until 2014, and the maximum rate will be lowered slightly through 2016 to give people time to adjust to the change.

2. The average estimated monthly increase for residential customers is $1.04 in 2014; $2.17 in 2015; $3.59 in 2016; and $4.92 in 2017.

3. The additional revenue generated will go into a separate fund with a target balance. Anything above that target is to be used for paying outstanding debt or offsetting rate increases.
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