Tippecanoe and Entsminger, Too

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

When William Henry Harrison cemented his place in history in 1841 as the answer to your eighth-grade teacher’s most banal trivia question, John Tyler became the 10th president of the United States.

Then in 1844, with the vice presidency still vacant, Tyler was nearly killed in an accident when the captain of the USS Princeton fired off the world’s largest naval gun, for the benefit of spectators. (This is what passed for fun in 1844.) The gun exploded, killing the secretary of state and secretary of the Navy, though Tyler narrowly escaped unharmed and the government avoided a situation that would have ended with two Supreme Court justices and the senior senator from North Carolina engaging in a spirited round of “1-2-3 Not It.”

Since then, we’ve clarified the lines of succession to the point that the secretary of housing and urban development could theoretically King Ralph his way to the Oval Office. (That’s President Shaun Donovan to you.)

And while things aren’t so clearly outlined at the Southern Nevada Water Authority (they don’t even have a Department of Housing and Urban Development), it seems that Pat Mulroy’s imminent departure won’t exactly end in a Game of Thrones-esque struggle for power.

When speaking September 25 at UNLV for a panel on water law, Mulroy repeatedly drew attention to Senior Deputy General Manager John Entsminger, highlighting projects he’d been involved in or saw through to their conclusions.

The water authority’s board of directors will have the final say, but some within the system are saying Entsminger’s ascension is all but a done deal.

What isn’t clear is who, if anyone, will follow Capt. David O’Leary of Metro’s Financial Crimes Bureau. O’Leary is at the center of the investigation following Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba’s use of a Metro helicopter to propose to fiancée Nathalia Henao. They just married a month after the engagement, but Metro hasn’t said whether O’Leary is still on leave, has been let go or is back at work. Or what brand of toaster he sent to Ashba for a wedding gift.

From South Beach to mars

Former XS managing partner Cy Waits is working on a new project in South Beach, according to Modern Luxury Miami. Waits is partnering with former Rehab/Body English mastermind Cory McCormack to do a new club, Adóre, inside the Boulan Hotel. Just as long as Paris Hilton stays away, things should go smoothly. … Much to the delight of your mom and little sister, Bruno Mars will launch the Chelsea theater at the Cosmopolitan as part of a string of mini-residencies, running December 29 and 31 to start before coming back in February, May and August. … The One Group’s partnership with the Palms came to an abrupt end September 24 when Herea closed, despite being open the prior evening for Monday Night Football. A Palms spokesman says the resort will take over management of the restaurant and expects to reopen it soon.

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