Concert Review: Depeche Mode

The Pearl at the Palms, Oct. 6

Photo by Wayne Posner

Photo by Wayne Posner

Dave Gahan sweated for our sins, spinning crucified on his mic stand while the band poured out a thrumming tide of electrons and imagery as inescapable and darkly cleansing as a tsunami. It seemed as if Gahan wanted to carry us along on his own “Black Celebration,” with music from Depeche Mode’s 13-album catalog. High-definition wall projections showed the stark triangular geometry that serves as the central motif for their latest effort, Delta Machine.

Far from the bubbling, radio-friendly pop familiar to casual listeners, Depeche Mode reveled in its connection to the goth subculture with “Precious” and the upliftingly lonely “But Not Tonight” (vocals by Martin Gore). The dark “Enjoy the Silence” was accompanied by HD footage of nearly-naked female contortionists pressed against a glass floor in a disturbing allusion to a 1990 crush against a Los Angeles record store window. ★★★★☆

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