Boys & Girls Clubs Harvesting Health in Henderson


There are few better ways to sow the seeds of healthy eating in youngsters than growing a vegetable garden. That’s the thought of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Southern Nevada and Bodies … The Exhibition, who recently partnered to develop a plot at the Reynolds Clubhouse in Henderson.

“Our bodies need vegetables, even though they may not be as attractive to you as a dessert,” Dr. Roy Glover, Bodies’ chief medical director told a group of children at the garden’s September 30 unveiling.

Those freshly planted tomato, lettuce and artichoke plants, however, are up against some grim statistics—the Centers for Disease Control estimates that 18 percent of children ages 6-11 are obese. Max Fenster, the club’s program director, hopes to start changing those numbers through activities that will explore the vegetables’ benefits “from seedling to digestion.”

After the speeches, the children received a snack. Alas, it was too early for it to have come from a garden.

“I like this stuff,” said a little girl named Serenity, stirring the Jamba Juice smoothie she’d been given. “I wonder if I can make it at home.”