Cochon555 Returns to Las Vegas

This Little Piggy Went Downtown
The pork-happiest food event of all, Cochon555 returns to Las Vegas on October 20 with All-Star Cochon at Commonwealth. Besides heritage pigs, the all-stars of the show are the chefs and butchers who make up the Cochon royal court, past champions including two who have done time in Las Vegas: David Varley, now of RN74 in Seattle, and Adam Sobel of RN74 in San Francisco. The kings and queens of porc unite for one evening, cooking to one theme: late-night Asian dining. “All the chefs are coming from all around and we built a menu and experience around this, and it’s going to be sick,” says Brady Lowe, of Taste Network and founder of Cochon on Tour. “Everyone is super pumped. People are going to be making fried rice and Szechwan noodles and cured meats—just blowing up the whole idea of spicy late-night living.”

Late-night Asian dining is practically de rigeur for chefs, as it’s usually a complete departure from what they’ve been cooking during service all night, and is full of bold flavors and spices that keep the palate and brain inspired. This All-Star Cochon is an extension of that, with a whole menu of favorites presented by some of the best chefs in the country. “We’re taking chefs who are cooking food that they love from all their years of going out to eat with their teams,” Lowe explains. “This is the one event where it all basically speaks to a very tight-knit group of chefs who love that camaraderie late night. We get to see through the hands of the chefs how we can transform this two-story badass bar into a late-night Asian speakeasy.” October 20, 6 p.m. general admission, $100;(6 p.m. VIP entry, $200), Commonwealth,

Speaking of Sausage
When it opens at the Plaza in mid-November, Bier Garten is shaping up to be a temple to European and craft beers and encased meats. From the culinary team behind Pop-Up Pizza. Bier Garten has a menu full of forcemeat, including smoked Polish, Andouille, Louisiana hot links and even the classic Chicago Vienna all-beef hot dog that includes one classic topping, plus mustard and (don’t you dare) ketchup at the counter. Then there’s the section of signature sausages, named for Las Vegas icons of the past, such as the Stardust (a German bratwurst with cooked onions, sauerkraut and sweet German mustard) and the Golden Slipper (a Cajun Andouille sausage, bacon strip, cream cheese and a fried egg).