Meet Mr. Right, and Meet Mr. Presley

They can't all be Nic Cage with a parachute, ladies.

They can’t all be Nic Cage with a parachute, ladies.

Why is it so hard to meet people in Las Vegas?

This question baffles me, because I find my hometown to be an easy place to meet people. Perhaps that’s because it’s my hometown, but I also credit our service-based economy. People learn to be friendly because they have to be. That approachability contrasts with experiences in certain trendy Northwestern cities, which while they may (or may not) be smarter and hipper, they are certainly more snobby than thou.

Which leads to an unspoken qualifier to your question: Why is it so hard to meet (intelligent) people here? Or, why is it so hard to meet a prospective husband/wife (who likes good music/who is vegetarian/who can read) here? Granted, Vegas complicates the issue by accommodating 40 million annual visitors hell-bent on a bender, but get a clue.

You can start by not looking for Mr. Right in the same spot everyone else is looking for Mr. Right Now. Expand your social circles, and be prepared: Many of the so-called “good ones” are already taken. Why? Because that’s how it goes in any town. Admittedly, there are likely fewer folks here who have read Black Beauty than have placed a bet on Black Beauty (if you’re looking for a risk-taker, you came to the right place), but you can’t have everything. Sometimes, it’s not me, it’s you.

Is the Las Vegas love affair with Elvis on the wane?

Time was when a dude could grow his chops, zip himself into a bedazzled jumpsuit and swivel his hips to good money as an Elvis impersonator. And while this bright-light city still sets my soul on fire, it’s been 36 years since The King’s death, 21 since the Elvi flew in Honeymoon in Vegas and a year since Cirque du Soleil (normally a sure-fire Strip moneymaker) fell unexpectedly flat with Viva Elvis.

You can still stroll into the World’s Largest Gift Shop and strut out sporting a facsimile of Elvis’ Polaroid sunglasses (sideburns included), but to most nightclubbers packing the Strip, that caricature is where Elvis ends. Fans, however, can still catch one of the best impersonators, Trent Carlini, at the LVH (formerly the International, home of Elvis’ sold-out showroom run). Or celebrate an Elvis-themed wedding (on Las Vegas Boulevard at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, natch). And, thankfully, we’ll always have Viva Las Vegas to remind us of how good we (and Ann-Margret) looked back in the day.