Concert Review: Phoenix

Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan, Oct. 8

Photo by Erik Kabik/ Retna/

French indie-rock band Phoenix plays almost arrogantly to their strengths. And that’s a good thing. There wasn’t much interaction with the audience, nor were there any “moments” where the band tried to connect on an intimate level with the audience. They just rocked out. “Trying to Be Cool” off their recent Bankrupt! album proudly displayed the band’s signature sound as keyboardist Laurent Brancowitz was featured most prominently throughout the song. “Too Young “ and “Run Run Run” let lead singer Thomas Mars croon to the packed house while guitarist Christian Mazzalai hopped around the stage holding his guitar under his chin like a violin. One of the coolest moments of the show was when Mars took a water break and laid down behind the front stage speakers as his bandmates played a five-minute instrumental led by new drummer Thomas Hedlund and his passionate snare pounding over the sonic, edgy sound that the band is famous for. ★★★☆☆