The Life Is Beautiful Map Has Arrived—See Where Your Favorite Bands Are Playing

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You can say what you will about the Life Is Beautiful festival — it’s too disruptive, it’s too ambitious, Alabama Shakes is just a Hootie and the Blowfish for millennials* — but you can no longer say “It probably won’t even happen.” Today, LIB organizers released the festival map. The map makes this thing real.

It’s enclosed below, but you can download a full-sized version here. (And oh yeah, the schedule of events is available here.) Secondly: I wish they had asked me to proofread it. (“Food Truck Ally.” “The Odessey.”) And lastly: It’ll work.

I wish there wasn’t so much distance between the two main stages, the Downtown and the Ambassador; they’re located at opposite ends of LIB’s giant L-shaped ground plan, which will prove troublesome if you want cut out on Beck’s Saturday night set to see Childish Gambino. But two of what I suspect will be the festival’s two most heavily-trafficked stages—the Huntridge Stage, home to many of the mid-sized indie groups I’d like to see, and the all-local Homegrown Stage—are fairly close together.

And on a personal note, it looks like the Media and Press Lounge, where I’ll probably need to hide out fairly often, is either located adjacent to, or inside, Atomic Liquor. Some would argue that it’s already there.

One more time: Here is the Life Is Beautiful festival map and event schedule. Take a deep breath, savage reader. Let’s do this.

* In the author’s unvarnished personal opinion.

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