Seven Ways to Spend $40 Downtown, Besides Buying a Life Is Beautiful Parking Pass

Screen Shot 2013-10-15 at 1.53.02 PM

The Life Is Beautiful festival released its long-awaited grounds map and schedule today. But what really caught our eye was the $39.50 price tag to park at one of the designated lots and shuttle into the fest. Yikes! As Daily Fiasco editor Jason Scavone posted earlier today, life is, apparently, expensive.

Like good bargain shoppers, we wanted to spend our money wisely. So we got to thinking: What else could $40 buy Downtown? We came up with a few ideas:

  • An appetizer, entree, dessert and shot of Mekhong at Le Thai
  • 20 cups of Colorado River Coffee Roasters drip coffee at The Beat (or 20 Slap & Tickle sandwiches during happy hour, 7-9 p.m.)
  • Two zip line rides on Slotzilla when it opens later this year
  • 40 deep-fried Twinkies (or Oreos) at Mermaid’s Casino on the Fremont Street Experience
  • Two eyebrow waxings at Feetish Spa Parlor
  • Two hand-printed concert posters from The Construct Creative

And if your heart is set on something festival-related,

We at Vegas Seven will be scouting alternative parking options for budget-minded drivers and will keep you posted. We expect street parking to be dicey, so you might want to spring for that shuttle ride after all; you’ll just have to give up fried Oreos for the month.

Or you could always buy two three-day passes for RTC’s Strip & Downtown Express bus. That’ll cost you $40, too. But the benefit to the environment? Priceless.

How would you spend $40 Downtown? Tell us in the comments section below.