Means to an End

Illustration by Christopher Jones

Illustration by Christopher Jones

Noted philosophical muse of college freshmen circa 1998 Semisonic once posited, “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

Rest easy, Immanuel Kant. You’re safe.

In addition to being bag-of-hammers dumb, even by the standards of twilight-of-the-Alternative Age bands, Semisonic is just plain wrong. (And dumb. Did we mention dumb?) Sometimes endings are just endings.

And sometimes, just sometimes, every ending comes from some other ending’s end. Like at The Act, where the club’s monthly End of the World parties gave way to just the abrupt end of the club. With less than six hours’ notice for the staff, October 12 marked the last night of operation for the embattled club.

The Act recently went through several rounds in court with the Venetian, winning one ruling on marketing materials for The Act on casino property, but losing another that said the club would have to tone down its vignettes. According to one performer at the venue, numbers had been down since the legal wrangling began.

The Killers were scheduled to do the Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View, California, on the same weekend of Life Is Beautiful. The band pulled out, citing bassist Mark Stoermer’s back injury as part of the reason. But the road may not be in the band’s future at all, it seems. Guitarist Dave Keuning told NME magazine earlier this month, “I’m sick of this. I’m done. The end is in sight.”

Another dream is at least deferred, as Natalie Young said she’s putting her new White Bread fried-chicken concept on hold for a year. She says she still has much to do at her Downtown restaurant, Eat. Which is a shame, because we can’t wait that long for mountains of fried chicken. So … time to go do a private buyout of Popeyes?

Birthdays and Bon Jovi
Mario Lopez and wife Courtney Mazza Lopez made their first public appearance since the September birth of their son, Dominic, when the couple spent October 11-12 at Wynn Las Vegas for Lopez’s 40th birthday. Which is disturbing in and of itself, that there are Saved by the Bell cast members well past Bayside High School’s 20th reunion date. The pair did dinner at Andrea’s and an evening at Surrender on October 11 with a group of 10 friends, returning the following evening to Botero and XS after Lopez helped call the Juan Manuel Marquez/Timothy Bradley fight for HBO. … Ashanti still has a few years on the Bell crew. She marked her 33rd at Lavo on October 11 where she brought a thumb drive for DJ Gusto to bump her new single, “First Real Love” … You know how you never saw Hyundai Sonatas anywhere until you bought one, now you see them all over the place? The confluence of Bon Jovi and Las Vegas is the October 2013 gossip version of the Sonata. First Jovi’s “Livin’ on a Prayer” was the centerpiece of an unlikely lawsuit between Jesse Waits and William Morris Endeavor thanks to a promise from a prominent clubber of $200,000 for Deadmau5 to play the track at XS. Now Jon Bon Jovi turned up again October 12 at the Graceland Wedding Chapel, where he walked an Australian fan down the aisle at the same chapel where he married his own wife, Dorothea. Nothing like bringing an international pop star to the wedding as a not-so-subtle message to the groom to step up his game.

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