Horror and Politics: The Thin Line

Illustration by Christopher Jones

Illustration by Christopher Jones

If this time of year has taught us anything, it’s that the most powerful force in human motivation isn’t love, or happiness or even the compulsion to hoard dead cats in your freezer. (Though the latter clocks in at a strong No. 2. Thanks, A&E network!) No, it’s the kind of unfinished business that causes a poor little drowned boy to come back from the dead and machete his way through 10 sequels, give or take a remake. Or it’s the kind of unfinished business that causes an escaped mental patient to machete his way through seven sequels, give or take a remake. Or a child murderer to finger-machete his way through everyone’s dreams through … you get the idea.

And while it will involve considerably less machete-related violence, it seems that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid hasn’t had enough fun in Washington fighting his way through Obamacare and the shutdown, and wants to come back for another six-year sequel, in what would be his sixth term. According to Politico correspondent Manu Raju, Reid is gearing up for another bid in 2016 and has amassed the same war chest he had at this point when gearing up for his 2010 re-election.

Rep. Steven Horsford already announced in August that he would be seeking another two-year stint in the House. But when the 2014 ballot rolls around, who is he going to be dancing with? It could end up being Assemblyman Cresent Hardy, the District 19 Republican who currently serves as assistant minority floor leader.

Away from the halls of politics—or any halls, for that matter—Freakling Brothers scion JT Mollner just saw his funding approved for the independent film Outlaws and Angels, what he describes as a brutal home-invasion Western thriller in the vein of Straw Dogs meets Lolita. Mollner has been doing commercials, videos and scriptwriting in Los Angeles for eight years. He expects to start shooting in the spring or summer. Producing is Rosanne Korenberg, who produced notable indies Half Nelson and Hard Candy.

Bad News, Aging Stars and a Club in Search of Home
The project formerly known as Gansevoort got a double dose of bad news this weekend. First, Caesars Entertainment opted to drop the Gansevoort branding from the Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall remodel entirely. Then early Monday morning a shooting outside Drai’s pop-up nightclub at Bally’s left one dead and two injured. When the permanent version of Drai’s opens up at whatever-they’re-going-to-call-Gansevoort, it’ll come with an $85 million price tag. … The cast of Last Vegas collected the key to the city October 18 from Mayor Carolyn Goodman at the Bellagio Fountains. On hand for a premiere screening and after-party at Haze were Robert De Niro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, Kevin Kline, Romany Malco and Mary Steenburgen with husband Ted Danson, taking a break from appearing in every entry in the CSI franchise ever. … The protracted Krave Massive drama looks like it’s coming to an end, as the club moves to a new home at the former Empire Ballroom/Utopia on the Strip. The club reopens November 1 with DJ Lightknife. Original owner Sia Amiri has reclaimed the enterprise from Kelly Murphy, and plans to open Friday, Saturday (with after-hours) and Sunday.

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