What Does Nevada Day Mean to You?


Photo courtesy of Justin Cozart via Flickr

To kids in the Clark County School District, it means no school on Friday. To tourists, it’s probably just another travel day. But to those for whom home means Nevada, what’s the significance of this statewide holiday?

Historically speaking, Nevada Day commemorates the date when our state was admitted into the Union, on October 31, 1864. But in 2000, the state legislature agreed to observe Nevada Day on the last Friday of the month.

So on October 25, that means free admission to the Springs Preserve and the Nevada State Museum, civil war reenactments to attend, parades and pancake breakfasts in Carson City, and time to turn up the speakers on The Killers’ rendition of our state theme song. How will you be honoring the Silver State? And what does Nevada Day mean to you? Tell us in the comments below.