What Was Your Favorite Moment From Life Is Beautiful?

CROP10_26_13_B_Life_beautfiul_kabik-55Imagine Dragons perform October 26 at the Life Is Beautiful festival in Downtown Las Vegas | Photo by Erik Kabik

Some of us came for the music, some for the food, some for the art and some just to witness the spectacle of it all. But one thing’s for sure: We’ve never seen anything quite like the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Downtown Las Vegas. Here are a few of the moments that Vegas Seven staffers said made the festival come alive for them. What was your favorite Life Is Beautiful moment? Tell us in the comments section below.

During one of the Learning lectures, Jerry Nadal, Cirque du Soleil’s Vice President of Resident Shows, spoke about the experience he and his partner had when adopting twin boys, despite them being “a gay couple from Nevada.” The audience erupted in applause. To me, that was beautiful. —Erin Timrawi, Contributor

Meeting [VJ] Dave Holmes in the Culinary Village! We talked Downtown, Dawes and the local Las Vegas music scene. I believe Tony Hsieh would call that “serendipitous.” —Camille Cannon, Calendar Coordinator


The Gazillionaire and Penny Pibbets from Absinthe, making people debase themselves for tickets to their show. We endured casual bigotry, forced simulated gay sex, and the threat of seeing some guy’s left testicle. And the crowd loved every second.  —Geoff Carter, DTLV Editor

Photo by Geoff Carter

Photo by Geoff Carter

Imagine Dragons thanking Las Vegans for their support during their show on Saturday. That was moving. Oh, and watching the horse in this video dance to the music as its owner, a police officer, tried to control it. —Xania Woodman, Senior Editor for Nightlife, Dining and Beverage

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Walking into the Secret Garden and seeing hundreds of people finally enjoying some green space in the middle of Downtown. —Felicia Mello, Online Director

The stone-cold confusion on everyone else’s face when Beck shouted out Jordache, Vidal Sassoon and Dockers at the end of “Debra.” It’s cool, Beck. I thought it was funny. —Jason Scavone, DailyFiasco Editor.

Photo by Erik Kabik

Photo by Erik Kabik

During Zedd Sunday night, I saw [Life Is Beautiful festival founder] Rehan Choudhry standing in the back of the crowd alone, just looking around, a little smile on his face. My favorite moment of the weekend. —Kyle Markman, VP of Marketing and Events

Getting the opportunity to see Living Colour again after more than 20 years. Singer Corey Glover can still belt out his lyrics with an amazing gospel-influenced range, and Vernon Reid was simply the best guitarist on the entire festival bill. —Sean DeFrank, Associate Editor

Photo by Myron Hensel

Photo by Myron Hensel

Stumbling into a set by Danny Brown, eating delicious vegan fare from Bronze Café and catching a visually stunning performance by Empire of the Sun were the highlights of my first Life Is Beautiful festival experience. Can’t wait for next year! —Jessi Acuña, Editorial Assistant

Watching The Killers close out the main stage from my friend’s apartment in the Ogden while eating homemade pozole, the sounds from the stage and the howl of the wind cascading over the neon landscape. —Melinda Sheckells, Style Editor