Concert Review: Alpine

Ambassador Stage, Oct. 26

Photo by Myron Hensel

Photo by Myron Hensel

For those who wanted to tiptoe into the waters of Life Is Beautiful, Alpine’s indie lullabies and 1 p.m. set were a warm, easy way to enter. The Melbourne, Australia-based band excelled at angelic harmonies, sung by leading ladies Phoebe Baker and Lou James. Between songs, the duo exercised their comedy chops, channeling Lucy and Ethel and adding welcome bursts of liveliness when the set list at times felt sleepy. James described herself as a “fried chicken,” wearing feathers in the desert heat; Baker squealed, “I’m so sweaty my dance moves are inhibited!” But the two still bounced around while the rest of the band remained stagnant, shaking tambourines and cowbells to embellish their modest melodies. A heavy helping of synth on “Gasoline” finally raised the energy, but it was over too soon as they ended one song later. The catchy chorus on “Villages” finally struck the right balance between upbeat and understated… if only they’d found the balance in the beginning. ★★★☆☆