Concert Review: RNR

Red Bull Sound Select Stage, Oct. 26

Photo by Myron Hensel

Photo by Myron Hensel

Kicking off their set with operatic vibrato, Las Vegas’ own Rhyme N Rhythm (RNR) proved themselves worthy of their name by blending masterful lyricism with engaging instrumentation. As the group weaved about to the beat, the nine performers artfully dodged collisions that could have resulted from sharing such a tight space, all the while exemplifying their undeniable chemistry. Several members jogged in sync during “Jesse Owens,” drawing a parallel between the Olympian’s agility and the swiftness with which the MCs interlaced their lyrics as they alternated bars. They continued to flow lines as sweat dripped down their faces, pausing only to toss CDs to the eager hands in the air. Later, on the rousing track “Hope Alive,” they chanted, We were not built to do the nine to five/we were put here to help keep hope alive. The words rang with conviction, and given that this performance was their inauguration as Red Bull Sound Select artists, they foreshadowed a bright future. ★★★★☆