Lou Reed Voodoo, Beck’s Lunch and a Supper Club Selfie

Illustration by Christopher Jones

Illustration by Christopher Jones

As far as festival mishaps go, one blown-over post at the Life Is Beautiful entryway, requiring the entrance to be relocated on the fest’s second day, is almost disappointingly tame. Weren’t you, in some small way, hoping for a Woodstock ’99 moment? Fires and busted ATMs and mud pits and Limp Bizkit—all the signifiers of a good disaster—raging through Downtown? Or was that just us?

Oh, settle down. We’re only kidding. We would never wish Limp Bizkit on anyone.

Disaster-free, Life Is Beautiful sailed smoothly through its inaugural weekend. (Not even so much as a Jamiroquai scampering around to give it a little feel of that fin-de-siècle shitshow? Nothing? Fine. We give up.)

The fest wasn’t without ripples for some Downtown businesses, though. The Fremont East bars were shouting last call by midnight, in the weekend’s most jarring moment. One bartender told us business was only so-so on October 26. Don’t Tell Mama was closed during the afternoon, and the dollar store was shuttered for the entirety of the fest, reportedly at organizers’ behest because knives were sold there.

There was plenty of quirk both predictable—Beck was in the Culinary Village buying vegan food—and vaguely creepy. Dean & Britta performed “13 Most Beautiful … Songs for Andy Warhol’s Screen Tests” on October 26 to a sparse Fremont Country Club crowd. One of the screen tests was of Lou Reed, who died a day later. What we’re trying to say here is Dean & Britta killed Lou Reed through the power of art voodoo. Britta Phillips, who was the singing voice of ’80s staple Jem on Jem and the Holograms, will probably try to pin the blame on Pizzazz and the Misfits.

Aside from Beck’s tour of the finest animal-free products, the Culinary Village also saw David Bernahl of upcoming Cosmopolitan nightspot Rose. Rabbit. Lie.; he was asking chef Scott Conant to take a picture of him and a woman. He didn’t like the shot, so Bernahl instead snapped the pic himself. Bernahl is supposedly in talks with Spiegelworld to do entertainment at the new supper club venue.

Kanye and Rehan and Tony, Oh My!
Kanye West followed up his October 25 performance at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with a trip to Tao to celebrate Kim Kardashian’s 33rd birthday. The whole family was there, including terrifyingly single mother Kris Jenner. The crew included Tyga, Naya Rivera, Jonathan Cheban, Robin Antin and, later in the evening, Chris Rock. … Earlier in the day, West went on a walking tour of the Life Is Beautiful footprint with founder Rehan Choudhry and Zappos head Tony Hsieh. You do what you have to do to not spend a day with an on-the-prowl Jenner. … Alex Rodriguez and girlfriend Torrie Wilson were spotted at Social House for lunch October 26, then at The Deuce during World Series Game 3 before ending up at 1 Oak that evening. Which shows more movement in one day than A-Rod put in all season for the Yankees.

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