Nevada Day is Always October 31 in Our Hearts


Nevada Day was last week, but my Facebook feed suggests it’s October 31. Which is it?

Both, depending on whom you ask. Nevada Day is a statewide holiday celebrating its admission to the union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864. It was celebrated on that day for 60 years, from 1939-99, whereupon Nevada bureaucrats and voters, uncharacteristically following the lead of the federal government, decided that a three-day weekend was more important than our Battle Born tradition. What a shame. One of the coolest only-in-Nevada stories was getting Halloween off from school, and being able to brag about it to friends and family in other states. Now, not only have adults ruined that pleasure in pursuit of an extended weekend, but Halloween itself has been co-opted by them. Boo.

When can I start calling myself a local?

If your bags are unpacked and you aren’t on vacation or a work-related trip, go ahead and start now. Bonus points, plus perks and discounts, if you have a Nevada driver’s license (no smiling for your photo, please) with a Clark County address. Nevada plates on your car? You earn more local swagger while avoiding a hefty DMV fine. (You’ll also likely shell out more for auto registration, one of the prices we pay for not suffering a state income tax.) Swapping an old cell number for one with a local area code is one of the last holdouts of a transplanted resident, one that demonstrates a definitive commitment to leaving the past behind and embracing the future as a Las Vegan. With the new 725 area code split coming soon to Las Vegas, thus making it harder to seamlessly assimilate with the old-timers, you might want to do that sooner than later. Howdy, pardner! Welcome to Las Vegas.

I just moved to Las Vegas from South Dakota. Do I need to “winterize” my car?

In a word, HA! It’s summer that kills cars dead here. Unless you live on Mount Charleston, you can toss out your block heaters, engine blankets, ice scrapers, snow tires, fuel conditioners and the like. Get yourself a new set of wiper blades, make sure your battery is healthy and your radiator gulps a 50-50 ratio of water to antifreeze (eh … ) and you’re done.