So There Sort of Was a West Fremont, After All


West Fremont Street, Revisited

Last year I answered a question about “West Fremont Street” (specifically, why Las Vegas doesn’t have one), and added that we don’t have an official East Fremont Street, either. The answer was correct, but it ignored an important historical fact that reader (and 74-year resident) Ted K. shared. According to a 1965 Frontboy Map, West Fremont Street ran from Main Street west to Torrey Pines Drive. However, by 1968, construction had begun on the U.S. 95 extension, a freeway that overlaid the path of (and ultimately replaced) West Fremont Street. Thanks, Ted; that’s the second time you’ve helped me add to our institutional memory.

Pleased to Meet You

In the October 10 issue, I dismissed a reader’s complaint that it’s difficult to meet people in Las Vegas. At least one reader, eight-year resident Mary N., agreed with me. A self-proclaimed “risk-taker,” Mary relocated to Las Vegas “sight unseen” from the Midwest, and has made many local friends in the time since. She also finds native Las Vegans “to be the nicest people in Vegas I’ve met over the years.” How can I argue?

Here’s the rub: Mary, who says she was never single before moving here, has been that way almost her entire Vegas tenure. She’s not complaining, though, because although “Vegas is definitely different,” she says she loves everything about it. For those who find it hard to meet people here, Mary has some advice:

“You attract what you are and what you desire, with location being a small part of that factor. All the rest is still on you, the individual.” Now, that’s an authentic Las Vegas attitude right there.

A Happy 100th

Well, whaddaya know? This marks my 100th “Ask a Native” column. Translation? A few hundred questions from readers have been asked and answered here, most of them correctly. We have engaged in plenty of usually civil dialogue (who knew an Anytown, USA, topic like White Castle hamburgers could generate such passion?), and many of you have written to not just ask me questions, but also to add to the discussion, provide colorful details to some historical answers, and to cheerfully (ahem) correct some wrongs. For all of that, and more, I am grateful. Please keep it coming.