Best In Glass

Forget the old pint—here’s a new breed of beer glass being crafted with technology in mind

beersThe Malty Glass

From a beer-loving glassblower in Louisville, Kentucky, comes this artful creation, just one of his extensive lines of Pretentious Beer Glasses. The Malty Glass was mouth-blown by glass artist Matthew Cummings, with stouts, porters, smoked and unfiltered beers in mind as the decreasing “waists” trap sediment as you drink. Also, with nitro beers, you get not one frothy head but three! $35,

The IPA Glass

A thoughtful collaboration between Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada—two of the leading IPA brewers in the U.S.—and glassmaker Spiegelau, the IPA Glass is said to amplify and balance even the hoppiest India Pale Ales, as well as other hop-forward beers. $9 each with logo at, $25 plain (set of two) at

The TeKu Glass

Another collaboration, this one between Teo Musso of Italy’s Le Birra Baladin and beer expert Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove (TeKu—get it?) and glassmaker Rastal, this is regarded as the craft beer-tasting glass in Italy. It works pretty well over here, too. Road test it at Fiamma, Nora’s Cuisine and Settebello. $11 each at, $48 for six through local beer distributor Massimo D’Arrigo,

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