Dollars, Priorities, and the Health of Young Minds


Better access to mental health treatment is a key component of the new federal health care law. But the Lincy Institute at UNLV recently took a look at the state of mental health care for Nevada’s children and found that, historically, our kids are less likely than peer states to receive treatment.

  • $247 billion: Amount spent annually in the U.S. on children’s mental health disorders.
  • 118,830: Number of Clark County children with behavioral health problems, 2010.
  • 54: Percentage of Arizona children with emotional, behavioral or developmental conditions receiving treatment in the previous year, according to 2007 statistics.
  • 46: Percentage of Colorado children receiving treatment for these conditions during the same period.
  • 29: Percentage of Nevada children receiving treatment during that period.
  • 17: percent Reduction in Nevada’s mental health care budget between 2009-11.