Concert Review: Casey Veggies

Hard Rock Live, Nov. 9

casey veggies

Photo by Alexander Zayas

Twenty-year-old Inglewood, California, rapper Casey Veggies is one of the founding members of Odd Future, which includes Tyler, The Creator and Frank Ocean. But Veggies left the talented collective to pursue his own organic sound (and munchies) in hip-hop, and the result is delicious. Performing in front of a hungry group of college kids and “swag music” enthusiasts, Veggies showcased his latest mix-tape, Life Changes. He brought food for thought, and the attendees brought their own aromas of the herbal variety. “The Team” blasted heavily from the speakers as Veggies rhymed energetically while being backed by his “team.” The introspective and honest “Life Changes” was a highlight—the rapper’s slick-tongued delivery slowed down, letting his lyrics be felt over bongo drums and a mellowed-out tempo. ★★★★✩