Concert Review: Geographer

Beauty Bar, Nov. 6


Photo by Myron Hensel

Las Vegas was the second gig on this San Francisco-based trio’s 15-date U.S. tour. Their two full-length albums made for a pleasantly diverse repertoire of synth-centered introspection. Pieces ranging from 8-bit MIDI “Kites” to the bouncy, radio-ready pop of “Lover’s Game” hint at influences drawn from the last 40 years of New Age electronica and alt-rock.

Although lyrically middling, Michael Deni’s consistently well-tuned vocals bubbled strong and clear on top of an often thickly distorted lower-end throb. At times they pushed the edge of an ethereal blend of Morrissey and Owl City’s Adam Young. Geographer‘s varied orchestrations, some with Nathan Blaz’s solid electric cello work, beg for comparison to Enya and Tomita, and ranged from the smooth ambient space groove of “Kaleidoscope” to a funereal “The Boulder” to heavy rock drops in “Shell Beach.” ★★★☆☆