Concert Review: The People’s Whiskey

Double Down Saloon, Nov. 9

the people's whiskey

Photo by Mikey McNulty

For their CD-release party, country-punkers the People’s Whiskey jam-packed the Double Down. Frontman Justin Bridges has an upper-register voice; drummer Luis Mendez seems to be auditioning for Tool—an odd pairing. Indeed, gritty yet heartfelt Bakersfield-sound tune “Drunk Dial” nearly collapsed from Leavitt’s refusal to play in the pocket. What held it all together was Steve Dezarn’s slide-guitar playing, which should’ve been louder. A bit of Santo & Johnny’s “Sleep Walk” introduced barn-burning original “Purgatory Blues.” This quartet of dudes looked fresh off a Jiffy Lube shift, but who cares? Satisfied, the crowd roared its approval. ★★✩✩✩

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