Vince Neil’s New Tatuado Restaurant Encourages Us to ‘Eat, Drink, Party’

Done, done and done.

The author (right) with Motley Crüe singer Vince Neil

The author (right) with Motley Crüe singer Vince Neil

I once spent three years touring the world as a backup singer and dancer for Motley Crüe. So when I attended the VIP soft opening for Crüe singer Vince Neil’s new restaurant Tatuado: Eat, Drink, Party in Circus Circus Nov. 5, I was immediately thrown back to my days traveling with the band.

Tatuado is also the name of Vince’s spirit line, and I still remember the moment, during my first summer on tour, when I witnessed him chuck a full bottle of tequila off the side of a yacht because it was a different label. Now that’s commitment to your brand!

Before you even step foot inside the restaurant, there is a full-size monster truck tour bus cut in half and turned into a bar lined with gaming machines and TV screens playing Motley Crüe music videos on loop.

Once inside, I made my rounds and ran into local Vegas celebrities including Carrot Top, Zowie Bowie and Guns N’ Roses guitarist DJ Ashba. While the Sin City Sinners played Motley Crüe hits on the stage, girls that look like they jumped straight out of the “Girls, Girls, Girls” music video danced on the bar. They left little to the imagination and I liked that.

I asked Vince what made the place different from his other, smaller Tatuado restaurant in LVH.

“I wanted the feel of The Rainbow Room and The Starlight Lounge…real rock n roll,” he said. And why should people come there? “Because they want to party!”

Natch. So if you like half-naked girls, gawking at Vince Neil memorabilia, good food and copious amounts of vodka and tequila, I suggest you stop by.