It’s the Most Truffle-Ful Time of the Year


Instead of making it rain, I like to fantasize about making it snow, with an enormous white truffle and a truffle shaver, furiously doling out a flurry of the super-expensive tuber. White truffle season has arrived, and Ferraro’s Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar boasts they’ve got the biggest of them all.

While I’m not one to go around judging restaurants by the size of their truffles, Ferraro’s 2-pound specimen is so big I want to tell all my girlfriends how big it is. This truffle in particular has made the trip from Tuscany, one of the few regions in the world that produce the luxury ingredient.

For a supplemental price, white truffle can be added to signature Ferraro’s dishes such as Pappardelle Mimmo—long, wide ribbons of pasta served with lobster, asparagus, scallops and butter—risotto with Vitello Reale, or veal scallopini topped with a sunny-side-up egg.

Ferraro’s anticipates 2 pounds of truffle will be used to accent up to 150 servings (or 75 Grace-sized servings). More white truffles are set to arrive next month, likely smaller but just as impressive, for a five-course white truffle dinner on December 15, paired with Batasiolo wines. $250 for pairing dinner, 364-5300,

N9NE Lives
N9NE Steakhouse quietly went into hibernation this week for a little nip and tuck, but will be all ready to go by mid-December in time for the holidays. However, you can still head up to Nove Italiano atop the Fantasy Tower, which features a “Best of N9NE” menu with all your favorites. Get your N9NE fix of the rock shrimp and garbage salad, along with chef Barry Dakake’s signature steaks and surf ’n’ turf.

Look Away, Vegetarians
At Lucille’s Smokehouse Bar-B-Que, the two-meat platter is essentially all you need. The restaurant smokes its meat on the premises, and there was a proper smoke ring permeating through each cut we went through. The Dining Companion and I plowed our way through baby back ribs, smoky tri-tip, tender brisket and rib tips, and were left with a pile of bones and hands sticky with Lucille’s signature hot and spicy barbecue sauce. Carnivores will leave happy. Two-meat platter $28, Red Rock Resort, 220-7427,

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