Vegas Seven

  • Music

    CD Reviews: Pearl Jam, AFI and Paul McCartney

    By Pj Perez

    On its latest full-length, Lightning Bolt, Pearl Jam reinforces why it’s become one of rock’s most earnest and enduring acts, easily moving from thrash-y rockers such as “Mind Your Manners” to poppy, mid-tempo tracks such as “Infallible.”

  • Going for Broke

    Lost Cause: Georgia in a Bad Spot vs. Kentucky

    By Matt Jacob

    In the spirit of the season, I wanted to kick off this week’s column with a list of things for which I’m thankful. Then I thought: Have you seen your record this football season? Exactly what is there to be thankful for?

  • Ask a Native

    What Was Under That Silver Dome?

    By James P. Reza

    Opened in 1965, the Vegas version of the Cinerama Corporation’s noble experiment in the fledgling massive movie experience was located at the intersection of Paradise and Viking roads.

  • Ask a Somm

    The Best Wines for Your Thanksgiving

    By Lindsey Whipple, Advanced Sommelier

    Every Thanksgiving, the same boring wines are suggested: rosé, gewürztraminer and Beaujolais. What are some other options?

  • Next Exit

    Feed Your Head: Sparrows, Mao and the Meaning of the Black Mountain Institute

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    I cannot imagine killing a sparrow. Maybe if I were starving? Maybe if they fixed their tiny eyes on me in a freakish, Hitchcockian sort of way? But really, a sparrow is a frail, sweet bird.

  • Editor's Note

    The Memory Artist

    By Greg Blake Miller

    When you turn to this issue’s cover story, you’ll be struck by the acuteness of author Steve Bornfeld’s memory, not only of the grand public events of November 22, 1963—a president slain, a nation in mourning—but of the textures of the workaday world where those events were experienced. Bornfeld was just 6 years old the […]

  • Stage

    ‘The Composers Showcase’ Thrives Aboveground

    By Steve Bornfeld

    Songwriters and performers jam on new work and hang with old friends at the once underground happening.

  • Opening

    JuiceFarm Arrives at the Palazzo in December, ‘Prescribes’ Elixirs for What Ails You

    If you’re like us, you’ve almost certainly had nights out in Las Vegas that have left you feeling a little out of sorts. With the arrival of L.A.’s Juice Farm to the Palazzo in mid-December, you’ll be able to recover at the Strip’s first restorative, cold-pressed juicery.

  • Gallery Hop

    New Location for CAC, Nature Turns on Us in New Show

    For 15 years, the Contemporary Arts Center was the anchor tenant for the Arts Factory, one of the cultural hubs of the Downtown Arts District. That’s changed now that the nonprofit art gallery has relocated into the Alios space on 1217 S. Main St.

  • Art

    Painting the Citizens of Paradise

    By Jarret Keene

    It’s a little-known fact that when tourists visit the Las Vegas Strip they’re technically occupying the unincorporated township of Paradise, which also contains UNLV and McCarran International Airport, making it among the largest un-municipalities in the U.S. And as Kristine McCallister confirms with a new show of paintings at Brett Wesley Gallery, Paradise is home to many Vegas artists, performers and entrepreneurs.

  • Diner's Notebook

    Nearly Perfect Sushi, and Time’s Chef Controversy

    By Max Jacobson

    Can a native of Taiwan cook circles around most of his peers when doing Japanese? Yes, if his name is John Lee, of the new Soho Japanese Restaurant, now open for lunch and dinner.

  • uncategorized

    Drink Up! Repeal Day Returns To The Mob Museum

    By Wendoh Media

    The 21st Amendnment put an end to 13 years of Prohibition on December 5, 1933 — a date that The Mob Museum is celebrating with one hell of a Repeal Day Read More

  • Dining

    MTO Café and Pizza Rock Join the Downtown Dining Scene

    By Max Jacobson

    Food at MTO Café, a slick, new spacious breakfast-and-lunch spot, is from talented chef Johnny Church, who is also found manning the stoves at Rick Moonen’s Rx Boiler Room. But he should be knighted for his breakfasts alone, which include stellar ideas such as lemon poppy-seed pancakes topped with thick blueberry-ginger compote, and hash browns stuffed with mashed potatoes—an inspired, indulgent conceit.

  • Backtalk

    What’s Missing From Las Vegas Nightlife?

    Well, last week we rolled out our annual nightclub awards and this week, details have been popping like corn about  Victor Drai’s new projects at Planet Hollywood and Bally’s, plus the 2014 EDC dates were released. So we ask you, readers, with all of this shiny newness sprouting up, is anything still missing? What would […]

  • Soundscraper

    British Rock, Idaho Indie, Finnish Trolls

    By Jarret Keene

    This is one of those bountiful weeks when I have serious trouble deciding what to see. It’s a veritable cornucopia of underground music out there, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Here’s what I recommend loading on your plate.