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The Babys

The Babys

This is one of those bountiful weeks when I have serious trouble deciding what to see. It’s a veritable cornucopia of underground music out there, and just in time for Thanksgiving. Here’s what I recommend loading on your plate:

Industrial-metal act Orgy indulges LVCS at 10 p.m. November 22. These L.A. gothers were active during the late ’90s and early aughts, releasing two nu metal-influenced albums on Korn-affiliated record label Elementree. Orgy’s been silent since 2004’s Punk Statik Paranoia, but I’m told they’re close to finishing a new disc, so they’re road-testing new material. The band unveiled a new single and video, “Grime of the Century” last December. It’s catchy and crushing, like everything Orgy does, so get ready to headbang and dance. Also on the bill: Bravo Delta, T.O.D., First Class Trash, Waiting for Zombies and Midnight Clover.

Classic power-pop outfit The Babys are set to pamper Count’s Vamp’d at 9 p.m. November 23. This ’70s British ensemble had a couple of radio hits (“Every Time I Think of You,” “Isn’t It Time”) back when singer John Waite was frontman. Original members Tony Brock (drums) and Wally Stocker (guitar) are still soldiering on, despite having not released an album since 2007’s Live in America. The Babys reformed this year with the addition of singer-bassist John Bisaha, who wields the requisite pipes to deliver songs Waite helped make famous.

If vintage rock isn’t your bag, that same night (Nov. 23), Brooklyn surf-noir garage-punk outfit Obits orbits into Beauty Bar at 10 p.m. The band’s new disc, Bed & Bugs, is a feisty collection of guitar-heavy tunes, just released on Seattle grunge-founding label Sub Pop. I’ve caught myself spinning single “Spun Out” more than a few times on the stereo, which encourages my new cat to rub against my leg suggestively. I think he likes it. The Obits album, I mean.

I’ve saved the weirdest for last. Back at LVCS (9 p.m. Nov. 26), you’ll need to brace yourself for a Viking folk-metal band hailing from Helsinki, Finland. They’re called Finntroll, and they perform songs about—you got it—Finnish trolls. In a mythology of their own making, Finntroll pits troll monsters against Christian crusaders during a long-ago epic battle for survival. It helps that the musicians dress in troll-ish garb and play accordions. This show should be way fun. Also on the bill: Blackguard, Metsatoll, The Leviathan, Sicocis, Sinnfull Servent and Spiritual Shepard.

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