JuiceFarm Arrives at the Palazzo in December, ‘Prescribes’ Elixirs for What Ails You


If you’re like us, you’ve almost certainly had nights out in Las Vegas that have left you feeling a little out of sorts. With the arrival of L.A.’s JuiceFarm to the Palazzo in mid-December, you’ll be able to recover at the Strip’s first restorative, cold-pressed juicery.

For those who are unfamiliar with cold-press juicing, the process involves applying pressure (15,000 pounds of it!) to organic produce to extract juice, as opposed to traditional pureeing which can warm the product. This process is designed to “help keep the cellular walls intact while retaining the highest amount of natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals,” according to JuiceFarm’s menu. No additives or pasteurization processes are applied.

As JuiceFarm gets set to take over the defunct Sweet Surrender Cupcake space near the Palazzo’s guest elevator, we are told to expect several unique “fix-it kits” exclusive to the Las Vegas outpost. The first three rolling out include “Ramp Up” (described as power shot of electrolytes, super greens and caffeine), “Rescue” (a stomach-settling alkaline mixture amped full of amino acids) and “Restore” (a cleanse, complete with digestive-enhancing greens and a mixture of turmeric, cinnamon, maca powder and honey).