Be True to Your Roots: Jay Farber, Deadmau5 and the Cake Boss Keeps it Old-School

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

All of Eddie Murphy’s early movies revolve around one loose theme: Guys in situations where they turn their back on their roots—either by circumstance or deliberately for some larger purpose.

48 Hrs.? Eddie Murphy the career crook has to work with a cop. Beverly Hills Cop? Eddie Murphy the roughneck Detroit officer has to deal with the hoity-toity world of California’s obnoxious elite. Trading Places? Homeless Eddie Murphy raised to Wall Street genius. Coming to America? Come on.

But all of those movies include some kind of message about how you can’t ever completely escape those roots. Reggie Hammond goes to jail. Axel Foley returns to Detroit. Prince Akeem has that insane Zamundian wedding.

So we’ll assume Jay Farber has seen his share of Coming to America. Because the 29-year-old Las Vegan who finished second in the World Series of Poker on November 5 had a boisterous cheering section of nightlife insiders pulling for him during his run. That’s because he’s an independent VIP host—a job he doesn’t plan on giving up in the wake of the $5.17 million he won in the tournament. He also said he did two victory parties at Hakkasan, one of which was with Tiësto on November 17. We can see where it would be a hard thing to walk away from.

Deadmau5 made waves in the nightlife world November 15 when he showed up at XS to do a two-hour, unannounced opening set for Wolfgang Gartner. The DJ did a big-time residency at the club before going over to Hakkasan, but he has no dates scheduled at the latter, fueling the rumor that he’s back to being a free agent. The deal came about over dinner with XS managing partner Jesse Waits. Deadmau5 told Waits he should bring him in to spin that night. Waits said he couldn’t pay him, so the Mau5 reportedly did the gig for free.

Finally, Buddy Valastro spread his wings to open up Buddy V’s at The Venetian, but just because he answered the siren’s call of marinara sauce doesn’t mean he’s going to give up the pastry game. He’ll be opening up an outpost of Carlo’s Bakery across the hall.

Carnivals, Cupcakes and Nine Inch Nails

Electric Daisy Carnival will return to its roost at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 20-22. This year the EDM fest adds a Headliner Loyalty level to its early-bird ticketing, where people who bought passes from 2011-2013 will get first whack at the 2014 edition’s $249 ducats come November 25. … The Sweet Surrender Cupcake space at Palazzo will give way to something healthier—a Vegas outpost of L.A.’s upscale JuiceFarm. Cold-pressed carrots instead of carrot cake? Not nearly as fun. … Count Mark Stoermer of The Killers and Tony Hawk as Nine Inch Nails fans. Both were spotted at The Joint on November 15 and 16, respectively. Maybe Stoermer can recruit Trent Reznor for the next Life Is Beautiful. Angst is due to make an appearance in the ongoing wave of ’90s nostalgia, right?

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