Concert Review: Whitney Peyton

Ultra Violet Studios, Nov. 23

Photo by Linda Evans

Photo by Linda Evans

The Philadelphia rapper was impeccable in her delivery and unpredictable in her behavior. Raised in the game among rap’s notoriously raucous Juggalos, the diminutive darling gave her fans a party, not just a performance. Her Nikes soared at least a foot into the air as she bobbed during “Live by the Sword,” her cleverly phrased song declaring her commitment to a life of writing rhymes, the subjects of which revolve primarily on the triumphs of an underdog. As she rapped, she orchestrated her arms in snappy rhythmic movements that showed she’s no amateur. Her small frame scaled the scaffolding several feet high, still dropping ferocious lyrical bars while she clutched the cold metal bars with her hands. Back on the ground, Peyton teased the audience for their “golf clap” reception and offered her solution: propelling herself into people on multiple occasions, starting a mosh pit for the final track, “42 Bars,” during which she ripped the line, I’m sick of being kidded cause I’m different. In other words: You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you can’t judge a rapper by her stature or gender until you see her live, bouncing around with bodies thrice her size, simultaneously spitting fire into the microphone. ★★★★✩


  • Live By the Sword
  • Stop Sleeping On Me
  • Sorry That I’m Not Sorry
  • Ferris Wheel
  • 42 Bars