Concert Review: Tekkno Flamenko

The Library inside the Marquee, Nov. 18

tekkno flamenko

Photo by Glenn Brogan

Acoustic techno? It almost sounds like an oxymoron. Tekkno Flamenko performed their unique blend of classic acoustic guitar and techno/electronica for Marquee’s first gathering of The Collaborative’s Fireside Sessions. Blue Man Group’s Elvis Lederer and Jason Mackenroth teamed up with Djeff of Cirque du Soleil and Gonzo Groove Situation’s Mike Gonzales to perform music that’s one-part jazz, one-part EDM and three parts originality to create some very interesting instrumental tunes. Lederer, on guitar, led the collective as Mackenroth pounded on his octapad over jazz-influenced horns. With strategically placed maracas located all over the lounge, spectators were encouraged to play along. Truly a musical experience. ★★★✩✩