Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters

Fashion blogger Laura Coronado shares her tips on what’s hot and affordable right now

Holiday Bargains

Laura Corondao | Photo by Stacie Frazier

Where’s the best place to get a good deal?

When I’m shopping specifically for designer, my favorite places are Off 5th, Nordstrom Rack and Buffalo Exchange. When I’m scouting for secondhand clothing, I’m usually looking for a treasure. Sometimes it’s in the form of a designer piece (like the Trina Turk dress I got for only $7), and sometimes it’s in the form of something vintage (like the mink cape I got for only $25). So for treasure hunting, I shop Savers, Goodwill and Charleston Outlet. When I’m in need of something on-trend and fresh, and I know I’m only going to wear for a couple of seasons, that’s when I shop affordable fashion boutiques like Patty’s Closet, Best Kept Secret and MIXT.

What are you normally looking for when you bargain shop?

Let’s be honest here: I’m really looking for that tremendous deal that I can then brag about to my friends, impressing them and instilling at least a little bit of envy. I want to tell them about the time I paid $60 for a $900 Roberto Cavalli dress. I want someone to look at my shoes, my ring, my jacket, my bag and say, “I love that,” to which I reply, “I got it for $5.” I want to drop jaws and knock the socks off the person coveting my fashion.

What are some of your picks for the season? 

I am mad for plaid, and so is anyone else following fashion. I just purchased a pink plaid Moschino jacket for only $7 at a Dress for Success charity event. It probably retailed originally for $700. The tags were still on, so while someone owned it before I, she obviously never wore it. Just two weeks ago or so I found a delightful genuine lambs-wool vintage jacket for $35 at Savers on East Tropicana. It’s the kind of jacket that they just don’t make anymore. And because crossbody bags are so hot right now, the vintage 1980s Coach one that I got at Annie Creamcheese at the MarketLV was a total steal at $34.

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