Queen of Stylish Convenience

Meital Bronstein lets you take the dressing room home

meital_bronstein_by_zack_w_HOMEPAGEShopping in your pajamas is great. Not paying for anything in advance is even better. So perhaps buying the latest fashions online is the way to go.

Meital Bronstein, cofounder of the west Las Vegas clothing boutique Bungalow, has brought the latest retail trend from major metro areas to us. Her BungalowClothing.com allows customers to order items by only having a credit card on file. To top it off, the selected merch is complemented by additional clothing and accessories, which makes the service a little like having your own personal stylist.

Here’s how it works: Order what you like from the site. When you receive the box, try everything on, return what you don’t like postage-free and you’ll be charged for only what you keep.

Before opening Bungalow out of her home in 2011, Bronstein owned and operated the popular Talulah G boutiques, where she built a reputation for bringing “newer designers and more esoteric lines” to a town that hadn’t seen much of that level of fashion. (These days, she’s a big fan of Humanoid, Band of Outsiders and Calypso.)

Although she had to sell Talulah G during the Great Recession, her clientele was still seeking Bronstein’s keen eye for personal style. Now she and her team are revolutionizing the at-home online shopping experience, and that includes throwing in a few surprises in every shipment.

“If you go on the site and pick out two pairs of jeans, two sweaters and a pair of leggings, we’ll definitely add some things in there to spunk it up,” Bronstein says. “Our average client picks about $600 worth of clothing to try on. Our stylist will then add the same amount for a total value of around $1,200 for the first box. As we begin to better understand the client’s preferences through repeat usage, we will typically add about $1,500 more to each box.”

For returns, the shipment comes with a prepaid FedEx label and tape to seal the box. There’s even a number to text to let Bronstein and her team know to schedule a pickup. Customers have 10 days to try on the merchandise.

 “It’s easier to make a decision when you see what else is in your closet,” Bronstein says. “It’s a great way to try stuff on to see what you actually need or what’s missing.”