Slotzilla, Spider-Man and Seven Mountains of Stone

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

Illustration by Christopher A. Jones

As art-inspiring holidays go, Thanksgiving is dismal. Christmas is the star of the show with all its movies and songs and plays and Nativity-adorned slam poetry. Halloween thrives on the crafty end of homemade costumes and all that fantastic Day of the Dead stuff.

But Thanksgiving? One crappy Jean Léon Gérôme Ferris painting and a Peanuts special that everyone forgets about.


We’re willing to bet your first real exposure to some kind of coordinated artistic effort came at Thanksgiving, when you made hand turkeys. Maybe you really stepped it up and made a construction-paper centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table that your parents were forced to display even though it showed you had all the creativity of a tranquilized orangutan.

So maybe it’s time to embrace the artistic side of Thanksgiving. (More paintings involving unlikely buckles, maybe?) Over in the Arts District, the city is in the planning stages on building another parking garage. Which is helpful both for First Friday crowds and people looking to pick up some supplies for their paintings of unlikely buckles.

The Plaza is consulting with local artists in trying to plan how to cover up the receiving end of Slotzilla. They could always do a Jackson Pollock riff and slather the thing in festive, seasonal yams. Maybe they’re looking for something more permanent.

Way on the opposite end of things, Aria is working with Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone on an instillation called Seven Magic Mountains along Interstate 15 near the Jean Dry Lake. “Magic,” in this case, means 50-foot-tall piles of day-glow painted rocks. Sponsorship opportunities up to $1 million are still available.

Finally, when Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark limps into Las Vegas sometime after its Broadway run wraps in January, the leader in the clubhouse for rumored landing spots is the Venetian, where it could slide into the old Phantom Theater.

Ringo, Franco, Aiko. All Day

In 1964, Ringo Starr took a picture of six Beatles fans from New Jersey still in their car. Almost 50 years later, he was reunited with the five surviving fans backstage at The Pearl after his All-Starr Band show November 22. NBC’s Today filmed the gathering. … Jason Statham has a new movie out, which means he was at Planet Hollywood on November 20, along with James Franco, Winona Rider and Kate Bosworth, to promote his new Straw Dogs-meets-The Game Plan flick, Homefront. Which will summarily get trounced by The Hunger Games: Catching Fire upon its November 27 release. … Drake followed up his November 22 show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena with a trip to Body English, along with Miguel, Jhene Aiko, Future, Yo Gotti and Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars. It’s always exciting when the star of an ABC Family show starts partying. It’s like being on the ground floor of the next super-predictable Miley-turn that a young starlet is about to take. It feels like buying Apple stock in 2001.

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