Hot Look: Katie Epstein


Photo by Beverly Poppe | Dress by Cynthia Vincent, blazer by Doma, necklaces and bracelets by Lisa Freede

El Cortez Hotel & Casino’s vice president and director of guest services has the enviable ability to make fashion appear effortless. In less capable hands, her signature “mix of all things glamour, girly and tomboy” could appear dangerously haphazard, but Epstein dresses up and down with equal aplomb. Here are a few of her secrets to pulling it all together:

How do you prefer to shop for clothes—online or in person?
I much prefer shopping in person. While I am guilty of online window shopping and adding endless items to my shopping cart, I rarely if ever take the plunge and check out. It’s more as a means of gathering inspiration.

Who’s your shopping/style guru?
I do try and stay abreast of the latest trends via fashion bloggers such as Aimee Song (, but really my best inspiration is gathered from those around me. My parents both have a classic aesthetic and have emphasized the importance of cultivating personal taste and style.

Have you ever been a victim of a trend that didn’t suit you?
If you were to peruse through some old family photo albums, you’d be sure to find many a fashion faux pas—namely, a belt with KATIE in large rhinestone letters, and a healthy collection of Von Dutch trucker hats. Shame.

What fashion rule should never be broken? You should always dress for yourself and no one else!

Favorite place to shop?
I always manage to find a must-have at Neiman Marcus, but my go-to stores are Zara, Topshop and Coterie—an awesome eclectic boutique on East Fremont.