Hot Look: Scott Julian


While we easily guessed the name of Zappos’ senior buyer Scott Julian’s favorite retailer, we were surprised to learn he has shopping in his DNA—and even still more shocked to hear him use the term “jorts.”

Do you shop for clothes by yourself, or do you like to bring someone along to give you friendly feedback?
My family owned and operated clothing stores when I was a kid, so I grew up going to the market with my grandmother and mother. I suppose as an adult I prefer to shop by myself.

What was your greatest fashion faux pas?
Back in the early ’90s I owned a pair of purple Cross Colours extended-length jorts. Enough said.

What fashion rule should never be broken?
No flip-flops and boot-cut jeans. I’m not sure if this is a rule, but it drives me crazy.

What’s at the top of your personal must-have hit list right now?
Golden Goose sneakers and G-Star Raw denim.