Concert Review: Justin Timberlake

MGM Grand Garden Arena, Nov. 29


Suit and tie? Check. Versatility? Double check. On his first of two nights in Las Vegas, JT did a little bit of everything, and he did it well. The 32-year-old popped and locked with precision during “Rock Your Body,” swung his mic stand with Motown-era flair for “Summer Love” and within the chorus of the break-up classic “Cry Me a River” he riffed about “bad bitches” with a Southern twang, then finished up with his signature falsetto. The quick switch epitomized his range; he was both rugged and refined, an ultimately charming combination that evoked the cross-cultural appeal of Elvis and Michael Jackson. He then paid homage to his pop predecessors with covers of “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Human Nature,” during which he spliced in a stripped-down version of his own song “What Goes Around,” producing the gritty ache of raw pain in his voice. With such a show of talent, the comparison to music icons was as clear as 20/20 vision.


• Pusher Love Girl
• Rock Your Body
• Don’t Hold the Wall
• Future Sex/Love Sound
• Like I Love You
• My Love
• Strawberry Bubblegum
• Summer Love
• Love Stoned
• Until the End of Time
• Holy Grail
• Cry Me a River
• Only When I Walk Away
• True Blood
• Drink You Away
• Tunnel Vision
• Senorita
• Let the Groove Get In
• That Girl
• Heartbreak Hotel
• Not Such a Bad Thing
• Human Nature
• What Goes Around
• Cabaret
• Take Back the Night
• Jungle Boogie/ Murder
• Poison
• Suit and Tie
• Sexyback
• Mirrors