Our Latest Crush, and Other Upcoming Openings



We presume the name Crush refers to puppy love, and not the fact that this new eatery is going to “crush” cuisine on this side of MGM Grand. This place seems a little too refined for that type of bro-speak. Now open, the 7,000 square feet of the former Nobhill Tavern space was taken over by the Morton Group, which operates La Cave in Wynn and Downtown’s La Comida, with a menu overseen by chef William DeMarco.

The dining room has been split into two spaces, with a “greenhouse” garden area in front that makes you think natural light has somehow permeated through the windowless MGM Grand casino floor. A passage way through the back leads you to the “dining cellar,” an element reminiscent of the cellar-like La Cave.

The menu focuses on small plates intended to be shared among friends, over glasses of wine and (presumably) animated conversation. The flavors run from the bold—chicken skewers with smoky harissa or roasted cauliflower with garlic, chili and mint—to delicate, such as crudo with radish and Champagne grapes. Open for lunch and dinner, the restaurant also serves wood-fired pizzas and sandwiches. MGMGrand.com.

 Yay, Another Celebrity Burger Spot!

B&B Burger and Beer has seen a bit of a delay, but rumor has it the burger joint by gingersnap Mario Batali and partner Joe Bastianich is soft opening December 6 in the Venetian and going full steam on December 7. All’s I know is his kitchen does fantastic things with their beef for the steaks at Carnevino, so the all-American burgers are bound to be worth the wait. Venetian.com.

Rose. Rabbit. Lie.

Behind the construction plywood of the Rose.Rabbit.Lie. space, I envision it like an actual commercial for the Cosmopolitan: construction workers with hard hats moving beams and hardware around, while an acrobat rehearses from a trapeze on the ceiling, and chefs scream at each other in the kitchen. It’s a vision of chaos that eventually will become controlled chaos that audiences are allowed to see. The Cosmopolitan’s new social club involves a dining experience helmed by Coastal Luxury Management, a three-act performance throughout the night by Spiegelworld (bringers of Absinthe) and a nightlife scene that’s all Cosmo. The grand opening is January 16-17, but tickets are on sale now for the December 30 soft opening, when all chaos will be revealed. CosmopolitanLasVegas.com.