Seven Ways to Celebrate Repeal Day in Las Vegas

Repeal Day

Oscar Goodman with flappers at the Mob Museum.

What do you get for an 80th wedding anniversary? We’re not sure. What do you get for the 80th anniversary of Prohibition’s repeal? Drunk. On December 5, 1933, congress ratified the 21st amendment, which ended Prohibition, giving Americans good reason to raise a glass—legally this time. Now it’s time your turn to pay homage and celebrate. Here are seven spots (some secret) busting open the liquor cabinet in honor of Repeal Day.

While a liquid dinner is acceptable for the occasion, for those who want to dine and imbibe, there’s Embers. The Westside joint is kicking it old school, serving family-style portions of Italian classics paired with five flashback beverages: the French 75, the Bee’s Knees, the Ward Eight, the Godfather and a DuBonnet cocktail. Because nothing says “1933” like braciole and the Bee’s Knees. 6:30 p.m., 740 S. Rampart Blvd., Suite 7, 778-2160,

We’ll take any excuse to don a fedora. Costumes are encouraged at Rx Boiler Room, where select old-timey cocktails are just $5 and Moscow Mules are complimentary. But shhhh… To swipe these deals you’ll need to whisper the key word found on the lounge’s Facebook page. 5-7:30 p.m., in the Shoppes at Mandalay Place, 632-9000,

Echo & Rig is serving $3 cocktails inspired by the dry spell, including the Real McCoy and The 18th Dies, as well as $1 beers on “Abner’s List,” named after Al Capone’s contemporary and fellow gangster, Abner ZwillmanThe food specials are still under wraps, but whisper to your waiter and he’ll give you the lowdown. 440 S. Rampart Blvd., 489-3525,

Commonwealth’s party includes a performance by local band the Moonshiners, plus professional swing dancers. Bartenders will be pouring a bevy of mixed drinks, among them Planter’s Punch. It’s a glass that would make the toughest gangsters turn giddy, with Bacardi 8 and Oakheart, orange Curaçao, Angostura bitters, countless other ingredients and fresh slices of pineapples, oranges and limes. 525 Fremont St., 445-6400,

In honor of the day, Golden Gate Hotel-Casino is permanently renaming its casino bar “Bar Prohibition!” The Downtown institution has been slinging drinks since 1906, and to uphold tradition, bartenders will be serving signature cocktails in a clever, time-honored disguise: coffee cups. 1 Fremont St., 385-1906,

Even though Atomic Liquors recently announced that it will be staying open seven days a week, the bar’s iconic neon sign will be dim on December 5. That’s because they’re running things speakeasy-style: no lights on outside and a password—“Repeal”—is required for entry. But you didn’t hear it from us. 917 Fremont St., 982-3000,

The big daddy of Repeal Day parties is going down at the Mob Museum. The first round of festivities starts at 5:30 p.m. with a toast (of course), followed by the Backyard Bootlegger, an outdoor gathering with a $35 ticket price (or $65 for VIP Speakeasy access) that includes hors d’oeuvres, museum admission, performances by the Broadway Rat Pack and cabaret dancers, complimentary draft beer and unlimited sampling of the concoctions entered into the Boss of the Bars cocktail contest, happening at 8 p.m. Then the shindig concludes with a Roaring ’20s Costume Contest at 9 p.m. 300 E. Stewart Ave., 229-2734,