The Write Way to Spend 10 Grand


The $10 million gift recently infused into the Black Mountain Institute by Jim and Beverly Rogers will not only resurrect the literary organization’s City of Asylum program, but it will also provide a $10,000 increase in the stipends awarded to the institute’s writers-in-residence. How would a long-suffering, brilliantly bohemian writer spend an additional 100 Benjamins? Hmmm …

  • Shell out $29.99—a once seemingly steep price—for the 2014 Writer’s Market.
  • Stop playing the hipster card and upgrade that old flip phone for a $199 iPhone 5s.
  • While on the technology upgrade spree, a $1,299 MacBook Pro with a Retina Display allows one to write from anywhere.
  • With this newfound mobility, hanging out at The Beat and drinking a year’s worth of French Press coffee will run $1,821.
  • Fix both that dent in the car door and that duct-taped taillight for $490.
  • Found while surfing on eBay, the $199.99 vintage Royal Quiet de Luxe typewriter is the exact same brand that Hemingway used, and reportedly strips copy of excessive verbiage.
  • Take advantage of a teeth cleaning, dental exam and an X-Ray for $49.99, courtesy of a Groupon deal.
  • Sock away $1,000 in the long-dormant IRA.
  • As long as we’re being responsible, why not pay back the parents for that $1,000 loan?
  • Pay parents the $500 in “interest fees” that magically attached to aforementioned loan.
  • A pocket-size $12.95 Moleskine notebook to have at the ready for when inspiration strikes.
  • Two 20-pound boxes of paper for $61.98, intended for printing out drafts of the future best-selling novel.
  • A $3,012 Allegiant travel package trip to Hawaii for “inspiration.”
  • Forget printing on dead trees. The ebook and a $325 online Media Bistro course on how to create one is the way to go.
  • Grand total? $10,000.90. Of course, one could put it all toward MBA tuition. But there never was much fun in practicality.