These Three Daytime Parties Will Ease Your Pool-Season Withdrawal

When the pools close, Las Vegas’ daytime craziness is just getting started. Vegas Seven goes behind the themes of three parties that keep the winter days hot


XIV at Hyde

The Dates: One Sunday each month, from 5 p.m. till very late.

The DJ: D4N13L and guests.

The Deets: $40 for ladies, $50 for men, with VIP tables available for $5,000–$10,000;

Success Factors: “We put a lot of passion and energy into making XIV a completely immersive experience through larger-than-life decorations, special effects and elaborately outfitting our staff,” says Mio Danilovic, vice president of nightlife operations for SBE. “But the culture that’s formed around XIV here in Vegas is what makes the parties truly epic.”

The Themes: “Our VIP table guests purchase ‘Champagne Showers,’ bottle service packages that allow them to spray Champagne over the dance floor. It’s wild and unexpected—and the crowd loves it. VIPs will also spray Champagne at neighboring tables and receive volleys in return, launching a Champagne shower war. It can get pretty intense, and we do provide ponchos and umbrellas for guests who’d prefer to stay dry.”

The Prep: “Because the themes change monthly, we work throughout the month planning outfits and makeup for the staff, and producing decorations that will transform Hyde into another world for just one night. The day of the party, we’re at Hyde early in the morning decking out the venue with signs, props and lighting. We create elaborate invitations for invited guests and deliver them in costume to make sure the whole town is buzzing about the event.”


Lavo’s Champagne Party Brunch

The Dates: 2-6 p.m. on Saturdays.

The DJ: Lema.

The Deets: While there’s no charge for entry, bar chairs start at $100 per person, and tables start at $500 per person for food and beverage minimums;

Success Factors: “Lavo was the first to bring the daytime party brunch concept to Las Vegas, after successfully launching the concept at Lavo in New York City,” Tao Group managing partner Jason Strauss says. “It combines what we do best: great food and an incredible high-energy party. We pull out all of the stops, and everyone really has a great time. The Champagne is flowing and it is all happening during the day, which gives it a very hedonistic feel.”

The Themes: “It’s different every week as we are continually developing creative bottle presentations, new themes and more. It can range from costumed hosts being carried on shoulders or the mini-Escalade filled with bottles driving through the middle of the restaurant.”

The Prep: “We do a lot of creative brainstorming to come up with themed brunches, and then we have to pull together all of the elements, from the advertising to special costumes and décor, so it is quite an extensive process.”


Ghostbar Dayclub (a.k.a. GBDC)

The Dates: 1-6 p.m. on Saturdays.

The DJ: Mark Stylz.

The Deets: Local ladies get in free and enjoy a complimentary Champagne open bar from 1 to 2 p.m.; local guys get in free till 2 p.m. Then ladies are $10, guys $20;
Success Factors: Ghostbar Dayclub is Las Vegas’ original cold-weather daylife party, and has become one of those must-see-to-believe events. The party rages on with nonstop confetti explosions, different themed costume parties, beer bongs, piñatas, group shot-skis, cheeseburger attacks, beautifully adorned dancers (some on stilts), wild bottle presentations, and resident and guest DJs who play to the vibe of the room.

The Themes: “The explosive moment typically happens when the room is at capacity,” 9Group assistant director of nightlife Roberto Semidei says. “The patio is packed, the go-go dancers are placed throughout the room, the DJ is killing it on the dance floor bringing the party to a climax, and then everything happens at once: The beat drops, the confetti canons explode, showering the room with a rainbow of colors, the cryo guns spray the room with cold fog and the entire room literally erupts with excitement.”

The Prep: “GBDC is always a labor of love that involves many people to create this party, every week. From marketing to operations, it’s all hands on deck, and the timing always has to be just right. We strive to keep the content, themes and quirks as fresh and zany as possible, which means a meeting every week to determine how we can top the last big party.”

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