XS Lets You Go All Around the Club in New 360-Degree Video

360-degree video gives would-be partiers a turntablist’s-eye-view of XS


Color me technologically impressed. If you like to geek out watching live set footage—especially what’s going on around the DJ with crowd reactions, go-gos shakin’ it—then XS has something for you. Touted as the first video of its kind, Immersive Media has partnered with the Las Vegas megaclub to give fans a 360-degree video of the party.

The debut highlights a segment from America’s Best DJ Kaskade’s Halloween set. Viewers can scan partygoers (I see you, Bobby Robertson!), scroll around for a bird’s-eye view of Kaskade working his magic, scope out the crowd’s costumes, and watch that couple making out behind the booth.

“This technology allows a remarkable view to take in a pivotal moment of the DJ’s set and share with those who have yet to experience the atmosphere that can only be found at XS,” said Jesse Waits, managing partner of XS and Tryst nightclubs, in a statement.

The Halloween performance is only the first planned in a series with XS and other venues at the Wynn, in addition to live streaming in the future.

Kaskade returns to XS on New Year’s Eve. Tickets are available for pre-purchase now at http://xs.wantickets.com.