Paint One On: These Art Classes Let Booze Be Your Muse

Four classes where drinking while you paint is actually encouraged


They say liquid courage is the cure for stage fright. For those who fear pressing paint to canvas, there’s a similar solution: social painting. The communal experience lowers your artistic inhibitions by amping up the alcohol quotient while you get your Van Gogh on. Held as pop-ups, studio classes or private parties, sessions center around an original painting that the whole class will replicate on individual canvases, guided by an instructor. Supplies such as aprons, brushes and water cups are included in the cost of registration, and alcohol and other goodies are available for purchase so you can sip, stroke and socialize until your masterpiece is complete.

Here are a few local businesses offering opportunities to double fist with a drink and a paintbrush.

Buzz N Brushes operates inside The Orleans within a studio space called The Honeycomb. The classes are one reason to stick around, the signature HoneyBee Martini is another, but it’s the built-in pizza kitchen here that will really have you buzzin’. Visit the website to schedule a session when the oven is on. 4500 W. Tropicana Ave., 365-7333,

A newcomer to the scene, Paint Nite, held its debut pop-ups in November at Sagos and Gordon Biersch in Boca Park. You can peruse the website to select painting opportunities by level of difficulty and even submit your own original artwork to become a “featured artist” for a class. Various locations,

Wine and Canvas has been running pop-ups around the Valley since January 2012, and in August 2013 they opened a studio in Henderson. If you prefer to paint in a pair, opt for a “date night” event, where the image spans two canvases. New class schedules are released on the 20th of every month—be sure to book fast or you’ll end up on a wait list. 730 W. Sunset Rd., 551-4251,

Design & Wine runs brick-and-mortar shops in Henderson and Las Vegas and they don’t skimp on the artistry when it comes to their snacks. Available items include French stuffed pastry and panini, plus several beers and red and white wines. Check the website for a full menu and calendar for the location nearest you. 7250 S. Durango Dr. #120 and 2558 Wigwam Pkwy Suite B., 327-7325,