Concert Review: Black Crowes

Hard Rock Hotel, Dec. 13

Georgia brothers Chris and Rich Robinson and their outfit rocked a full-tilt jam ride that steered from the acoustic folk-blues guitar of “Soul Singing” to the straight-up Southern rock of “Remedy” to a taste of spaced out ’70s prog keyboard on a “Wiser Time” extended jam.

The Crowes, whose career peaked in the ’90s and who have chewed through 11-ish line up changes, pulled together for this tour after a couple of years away from road and studio. You could be forgiven for dismissing their re-emergence as just another cynical cashing in on a jukebox of greatest hits. Sure, they don’t play any new work, but the nature of their performance tended more toward reinvention than regurgitation. Their jams stayed clean, structured and tight. And they didn’t devolve into trippy, pointless rambles but digressed just enough from the norm to keep even overplayed chart toppers such as “She Talks to Angels” fresh and compelling. ★★★★☆

Photos by Wayne Posner