Three Things to Know About Container Park

Photo by Geoff Carter

Photo by Geoff Carter

The Downtown Project’s Container Park, at the corner of Seventh and Fremont streets, is a different kind of dining and retail plaza. For one thing, all of its vendors are based here in town. And true to its name, the Park is constructed from recycled shipping containers and fabricated metal buildings that resemble them, all stacked up like building blocks. Here are a few things about Container Park you might not know:

1. Every night at sunset, a live percussion circle springs up at the entrance. Guests are invited to play along on provided instruments.

2. Container Park has no parking lot … yet. If you can’t find an on-street parking space, use the Fremont Street Experience parking lot at Fourth and Fremont, or wait until January for the 369-space “Llama Lot” to open at Ninth and Fremont.

3. The playground in the center of the complex boasts a slide that’s 33 feet high and 55 feet long. Nearby is Bin 702, a wine bar with patio seating, so you can sip merlot while you watch your kids wearing out the seats of their pants.