NYE Advice From … DJ Vice

The Vegas veteran hits the decks at Lavo

dj_vice_no_creditWhat are your New Year’s Eve tips? Pace yourself! An open Champagne bar sounds like a great idea until you realize you are stumbling before it’s even close to midnight.

New Year’s Eve fashion do’s and don’ts? Ladies, keep the heels on even if your feet hurt. Fellas, even if you don’t like rocking a suit, it’s the one night of the year you need to look sharp. And ladies will notice.

Biggest New Year’s Eve sins? Blacking out before midnight and ladies who lose their heels in the club. I see it happen year after year.

Worst New Year’s Eve memory? 1999 into 2000, and nothing happened! I was anticipating a technological meltdown!

What’s the key to doing New Year’s Eve right on the Strip? Having a group of friends you can count on to have the time of their life and not bring their drama along with them. Last thing you want to deal with is a couple fighting over drunk nonsense. We ain’t got time for that; it’s a new year with a fresh start.

Champagne or shots at midnight? Champagne at midnight, followed by shots.

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